Church of the Servant is committed to support members and friends who are seeking mental health services. Our goal is to facilitate clinical care that is high quality, compassionate, and that manages issues of faith and identity with sensitivity and respect. The COS Mental Health Committee has developed a list of well-regarded Christian mental healthcare professionals and maintains an assistance fund. Below you will find the list of therapists, their contact information, and areas of specialty. (The committee chose to list therapists who are not members of COS, so as to avoid dual relationships).

Getting confidential help is simple. One of our pastors, Rev. Karen Campbell or Rev. Andrew Mead, or our Congregational Life Co-Ordinator, Ben Videtich, may refer you to one of the therapists on our list, or you may contact a therapist (a licensed mental health professional) of your choice and schedule an appointment. If you need help paying your bill you can request financial aid from COS by contacting one of the staff listed above. They will be able to work with you on a suitable plan to help you pay for a number of sessions, for the amount left after your insurance if you have any, has paid their part. This service is available to COS members and friends to the extent that funds are available.

We ask all those who are able and eager to give financially to COS efforts to support mental health to give generously. Blessings will result, for those in need and for yourselves. Contact Ben Videtich for more information.

Peter Bourland, L.P.C.

Parent Coaching & Life Discernment Coaching

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Thavone Huinil, LMSW

Intentional Life Counseling & Addictions Treatment

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Bren Shantz, LPC

Unity Counseling, LLC

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Suzanne Lieuwen, LMSW

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Cheryl Cooper, LMFT, LPC

Integrative Therapist

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Paul Hewitt, Psy.D. 

Eastside Psychology Group

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Amanda Worst, LMSW

Selah Counseling

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Josh Baron, LMSW, MDiv

Josh Baron Counseling

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Dawn Jenkins, LMSW

Balanced Life Counseling and Wellness

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