Rooted in Christ and nurtured by the Spirit,
We grow in grace to share gifts of refuge, fellowship, and hope.

In July 2023, the Church of the Servant council approved the statement “Our Calling: a Community of Belonging.” Years of discussion, listening circles, adult-ed presentations, online discussions, congregational input, constant prayer, and more led up to the statement.

During that time Next Steps, an ad hoc COS task force, gathered resource suggestions for reflection and learning. These resources were put together by Joan Huyser-Honig, Pam Bratt, and Dale Cooper in 2022/2023, while they were on council and working together on the Next Steps Task Force. They also posted suggestions from Gary Burge, a COS member who has done extensive reading on the topic of human sexuality.

Next Steps also gathered resources on spiritual disciplines, explaining, “If we are inclined in one direction, it may be a spiritual discipline for us to study the opposite point of view.”