Contact Information:

Peter Bourland, Licensed Professional Counselor (MI #6401011716)
(616) 916-6847

As a Parent Coach I am focused on supporting mothers and fathers to be the parents they want to be. Life is complicated and many parents feel the weight of trying to raise children and balance all the other areas of their life in a healthy way. Sometimes it can be really helpful to have a trained coach walk alongside you to listen, encourage, motivate and support you as you craft the life you wish you were living.

Whereas counseling or psychotherapy is most often interested in looking back – asking ‘why’ – in order to resolve issues from the past that interfere with present life, coaching begins by looking forward – asking ‘so, now what’ – toward the goals you envision. Thoughtfully and strategically, I listen, observe, and collaborate in order to co-create the small steps necessary to move toward a desired outcome, offering accountability and encouragement.

Coaching is intended to be an energetic and life-giving process that gains inertia and instills healthy patterns for continued growth. I coach from an Appreciative Inquiry, strengths-based model for change that draws on the innate strengths of the individual in order to move toward the ideal vision for the future.

Specialty Areas:

My specialty is Parent Coaching, but I also have extensive experience in Life Discernment Coaching as well. I work with individuals, couples or groups.

Insurance Accepted:

I am a fee-for-service practitioner and do not accept private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. A sliding scale fee is available by request.