Main Details:

COS Camping Trip

Wabasis Lake Campground

September 27-29, 2024

After a nearly 30-year hiatus, COS invites all church members to join us for a COS Camping Trip. We have reserved a block of campsites and cabins at Wabasis Lake Campground for this coming fall, Sept. 27-29.

If you want to reserve a campsite now, contact Annette or Ben


Check-in Time: Sept. 27 at 3 pm
Check-out Time: Sept. 29 at 2 pm
Worship: Sept. 29 at 10 am

  • Worship pavilion is rented for the day (until 5 pm)
  • We will also hold worship at COS at 10 am for those not attending the campground worship


Who’s invited?
All COS members & regular attenders

Do I have to camp both Fri. and Sat. night?
No, but you will have to pay for both nights if you want one of our COS campsites. There may be other campsites available at the campground that you could reserve for 1 night, but you will need to make those arrangements on your own.

Note: our campsite fee of $80 includes a $5 snack, beverage, & craft fee. If you reserve a site that is not part of our COS block of sites, consider a $5 donation to our snack & craft fund.

Can I share a campsite &/or set up 2 tents on my site?
Yes. Each campsite can have 2 tents or a trailer and a tent. If you share a campsite with someone, each party would pay half of the camping fee, or $40 each. There is no limit to the number of people who can camp on 1 site.

Can I send my kids without me?
NO! All kids must have at least 1 parent at the campground with them at all times.

What if I want to go camping but don’t have equipment?
Two options:
1) reserve one of our COS cabins. (See details on the Camping Display Board in the COS café)
2) borrow camping equipment from a COS member (or Calvin if we run out of equipment to share).

Also, check out the “Camping Basics” info below for more details on what camping involves.

If I don’t want to camp, can I still go to the campground to visit with COS people?
Yes! Come out to play at the lake, compete in our cornhole tournament, or sit around a campfire. Park admission is free.

What if I don’t have a car to get to the campground?
Based on interest and need, we plan to arrange for transportation to and from the campground. Contact Annette if you would like more information on getting a ride to Wabasis Lake Campground.

What about meals?
We are still in the planning phase, but our current thinking is that everyone will be responsible for their own meals-so pack along (or borrow) a cooler and an electric frying pan or crock pot or camping stove or roasting forks!

We are planning to have a coffee bar set up on Annette & Jay’s campsite every morning that will likely include a variety of snacks throughout the day.

We will also hold an All-Church Meal at the campground after worship on Sunday.

Where will our worship service be on Sept. 29?
We will have 2 worship services at 10 am: one in the enclosed shelter at Wabasis Lake (see map), and one at COS. Park Admission is free. The Wabasis shelter has a large parking area, it seats over 200 people, and has restrooms inside the building.

Camping Basics

Tent: Borrow or Buy
Many COS members have extra tents you could borrow. If you plan to purchase one, know that the advertised # of people a tent sleeps is about twice as much as the # of people it actually holds. (eg. a 4-6 person tent is best for 2-3 people.)

Renting a cabin or trailer is a (more expensive) option.

Sleeping: Get off the ground
The ground is cold and hard. Providing a little cushion between you and the ground will help! Sleeping pads, air mattresses, cots, etc. are all options. For bedding, you can use sheets and blankets or sleeping bags. Check “The Borrowers” list for items to help you sleep more comfortably if needed.

Electricity, Water, Picnic Table, Fire Pit:
All the comforts of home Campsites have picnic tables, fire pits & electricity on each site, and access to a water spigot nearby. Pack jugs to contain/ transport water, and extension cords. A dishpan, an electric pot to heat water, hand & dish soap & hand towels at your site are helpful! For electricity, pack a heavy-duty cord to get from the electric box to your tent and a few short ones to cook food, charge phones, plug in lights, etc. The campground has a modern bathhouse with toilets, sinks, & showers available.

Food: Cooler, dinnerware, mug, electric frying pan, non-perishables
You are responsible for your own meals. Pack a cooler (or your old dorm fridge). You can buy ice from the campground store. If you don’t have a portable camp stove, you can prep a lot of meals with an electric frying pan. Or cook over the fire with roasting forks or in foil on a cooking grate. Don’t forget plates, cups, flatware, etc.!

And pack non-perishables like crackers, potatoes, peanut butter, bread, granola bars, pancake mix, etc.