Church of the Servant Christian Reformed Church began more than 45 years ago, in 1973, as a small group with a vibrant vision for ministry and fellowship. This vision has taken shape in wonderful and unexpected ways, so that today we are…

  • A large, intergenerational family of God gathered around Word and sacrament – one that celebrates the Lord’s Supper in all Sunday morning worship services and closely follows the liturgical calendar.
  • An increasingly diverse community that seeks to do justice and love mercy within our walls, in our neighborhood, and through ministry partnerships worldwide.
  • People on a journey, seeking to fulfill our shared mission of being and making disciples.

Our Mission

We are a diverse community of Christ’s servants, a home for God’s children, and a prism for God’s light in liturgy and life.

As children of the light, we desire

  • to participate in worship that is Reformed and liturgical, historic and modern, local and global
  • to prepare people for service by nurturing their gifts and encouraging them to grow in discipleship
  • to create a fellowship where the burdened and suffering will find support and comfort, where the alienated will be accepted, and where those seeking God will be shown the way
  • to present Christ to others by showing God’s love in Jesus for the world and promoting justice and peace for our neighbors near and far

(Revised 2012)