Our mission as a congregation is as follows:

Rooted in Christ and nurtured by the Spirit, we grow in God’s grace to share gifts of refuge, fellowship, and hope. That statement is followed by some bullet points that serve to clarify what this looks like in our congregation. Bullet point three of four reads as follows:

Create a community where the burdened and suffering will find shelter, where the alienated will be accepted, and where those seeking God will be shown the way.

Ministries within the umbrella of Congregational Life focus not exclusively, but primarily, on this third bullet point. Ben Videtich serves as the Minister of Congregational Life, and works to help the congregation at COS love one another, in hopes that we can, in the power of the Spirit, create a community where people experience shelter and acceptance as we together seek the way of Jesus.

To learn more about getting woven into the congregation, moving deeper into ministry at COS, or about anything you read on the Congregational Life pages, get in touch with Ben.