COS has a rich history of deep and meaningful adult education opportunities. Our Sunday Morning Adult Ed Sunday School has included times of story and testimony, theological discussions, lectures, and opportunities to share with each other about what God is doing in our lives.

GPS sessions have three stated goals:

  • Build community
  • Expand our view of God
  • Grapple with faith

We invite you to join us Sundays immediately following our 10 am Zoom worship services on the following dates:

2021 GPS Dates:Info and Topics:

January 17 & 24

Join us after Zoom worship for the second of a two-part GPS series on the Human Sexuality Report. Synod has shared the Human Sexuality Report with congregations and encouraged church families to have discussions around the contents of this report. This report attempts to define how churches within our denomination should respond to a variety of relational matters, including gay marriage, the stance of the church in regards to LGBTQ members, premarital sex, and other potentially controversial topics. Presenters will guide us through a summary of this report and create opportunities for feedback. We look forward to prayerfully and humbly navigating through this report with all the members of our COS family.
February 7COS Mental Health Committee Panel Discussion
“Strengthening our mental health when times are hard”
This discussion will explore how the stresses and losses of the pandemic have impacted our mental health.
We’ll also discuss physical, social, and spiritual practices that can restore our mental health.
February 14 & 21GPS: Jamie Skillen, Calvin professor and author of, “This Land is My Land”

Jamie Skillen will present part 1 of his 2 part series: “God, Guns, and Extremism in American Politics”

On January 6, a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, leading to five deaths, significant property damage, and a constitutional crisis. One of the most troubling aspects of the assault was that the mob seemed driven by the very symbols of American patriotism and Christian faith. In his recent book, This Land Is My Land: Rebellion in the West, Jamie Skillen explains how American civil religion has helped militias and other extremist groups shift from the fringes of conservative politics to the mainstream. In these two talks, Jamie will trace this history and suggest alternatives for Christians engaged seriously in American politics.

Watch Part One Here

Watch Part Two Here
February 28Refugee Support Team presentation: Advocacy for Refugees and the Role of the Church

At the GPS session on Sunday, February 28, the Refugee Support Team is pleased to offer members of COS an opportunity to engage the question, “How Will the Church Respond to Refugee Resettlement Now?’ We invite you to join us for a presentation and Q and A featuring Stacey Clack, Midwest Faith Community Organizer for Church World Services and a member of Tabernacle Church in GR. COS has a long history of working with refugees and immigrants and will continue to do so. But what will this look like going forward? The discussion will be stimulating and will help to prepare new COS volunteers to assist with the arrival of new refugees in the coming months.

Watch the recording here
March 14 & 21GPS: Kristin Du Mez, Calvin professor and author of Jesus and John Wayne