Here we will provide resources and guides for those meeting to worship on Sunday, September 17, 2023. Sunday worship at COS begins at 10 am in the large worship space and in Room 4 for our All Nations Worship Service. Check back soon for more information about worship at Church of the Servant.

This Sunday:

On this Creation Season Sunday,

Rev. Wes Granberg-Michaelson will preach from Genesis 50:15-21 and Matthew 18:21-35 in our Tree of Life service* in the large worship space. Rev. Andrew Mead will preach from 1 Samuel 16:1, 6-13 in the All Nations Worship Service in room 4. Following worship, stick around for the start of Sunday School at COS. Our Adult-ed Sunday School (GPS) will meet in Room 3.

Live stream:

You are also welcome to participate in worship via Zoom at 10 am this Sunday. Please subscribe to our Email Newsletter list prior to Sunday to receive the Zoom link in your inbox each week.


*Tree of Life Service: In 2009 the All Nations Worship Service began as a way to serve our ESL students and refugee families who spoke limited English. When it began, we called it the “Basic English Service” or BES. To distinguish the “original” service from the BES service, we called the service meeting in the large sanctuary the “Standard English Service.” As the BES fellowship has grown and changed since then, one question that emerged was, “Is Basic English Service the most fitting name for who we are becoming and who we sense God is calling us to be?” After a long process of discernment with fits and starts, the BES leadership team approved changing the name of the BES to “All Nations Worship Service” or ANWS. The name All Nations seems to better capture how this service has grown to be a fellowship of believers from many nations who share their gifts for God’s glory and the enrichment of Christ’s church.

But then the name SES didn’t make as much sense. So, the Worship Team started brainstorming new names for the service that meets in the large sanctuary. After months of discernment, the Worship Team chose a name and sent it to Council for approval.  The new name for this service is “Tree of Life Service.” This name comes from the large structural steel “tree” that supports the skylight dome above the pulpit and communion circle in the sanctuary.