brianAs a long-time member of COS, it has been both a joy and a great personal blessing to participate in the faith journey of our clearly above average youth.  I believe that there is no greater calling at COS than to strive to fulfill Pastor Jack’s baptismal challenge that as a congregation we do all that we can “God helping us” to nurture the faith of these kids.  For the past 10 or so years I’ve had the honor to work under multiple youth ministers at COS and to team up with many dedicated volunteers, gaining insight into teaching methods that best nurture spiritual maturity among youth.  It continues to be the goal of our current ministry team to expose our youth to the love of Jesus Christ, the guiding authority of God’s Word, and to encourage them that God has an amazing plan for their lives and that they can (and already are) making a vibrant contribution to our church.  I look forward to another amazing year of Wednesday Night Live, confident that the Spirit will continue to mature our youth as we study the Heidelberg Catechism together.