Yesterday was the choir’s first Sunday of the season. They rocked the house. The prelude was an “insta-arrangement” of the Filipino song “Father in Heaven.” Later in the service the choir got busy with Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of All Desiring.” Both the 8:30am and 11am versions were commendable. It didn’t hurt that we had a string quartet, trumpet, and oboe/flute helping us get that trademark Bach sound. By the way, one person (who shall remain nameless though I will point out that he is just about finished with a PhD in worship at Fuller seminary, which makes him a pretty reliable source) commented that the congregation always sings better when the choir is singing. He thinks the choir’s support emboldens the congregation to sing confidently and try singing in parts.
So choir, pat yourselves on the back. You done good. If you’re not in the choir you should: A] pat a choir member on the back, or B] join the choir and then pat yourself on the back. Special thanks to the instrumentalists who sounded so good and to Cele, who brought treats for between services.