Church of the Servant has sponsored the New Psalm Contest for 10 years now. To celebrate we held a Psalmfest on Sunday, February 2, 2020, where we sang all of the winning Psalm songs. It was a wonderful service of celebration. You can listen to a recording of each song below. You can also access more information about all the winners HERE.

Thank you to all the musicians who helped lead us through this varied repertoire of Psalm songs: Wendell Kimbrough (voice and guitar), Greg Scheer (voice, guitar, percussion), Laura DeJong (voice), Lauren Figueroa (voice), Karen Campbell (accordion), Josh Parks (violin), Maria Stapert (violin, cello, piano), Ron Rienstra (bass), Larry Figueroa (piano, voice, percussion)

Welcome and Introduction (Karen Campbell)

Psalm 100 – All People That on Earth Do Dwell – Zac Hicks

Psalm 66 – All Creation Sings God’s Greatness – Benjamin Brody and Jacque Jones

Psalm 90 – God of the Ages – David Ward (Spoken introduction – Laura DeJong)

Psalm 139 – Search Me, O God – Carol Browning and Kathy McGrath

Psalm 51 – Clean Heart – Kimberly Williams

Psalm 113 – Who Is Like the Lord Our God – Bruce Benedict and Wendell Kimbrough (Spoken introduction – Laura DeJong)

Psalm 40 – Patiently – Greg Scheer (Spoken introduction – Greg Scheer)

Psalm 16 – Sustain Me, O God – Carol Browning and Kathy McGrath

Psalm 78 – Remember the Deeds of Our God – Steven Rodriguez (Spoken introduction – Larry Figueroa)

Psalm 131 – Help Me Have the Faith of a Child – Carol Browning

Psalm 71 – All My Life – Noah McLaren (Spoken introduction – Maria Stapert)

Psalm 87 – City of God – Keiko Ying and Dan Jaasma

Psalm 104 – Rejoice in All Your Works – Wendell Kimbrough (Spoken introduction – Wendell Kimbrough)

Benediction (Ron Rienstra)