I am a firm believer that one can (and should!) plan and rehearse a service, but one can’t account for a certain “it” factor that happens in certain services. We can gather the sticks, but we can’t light the fire. It’s appropriate, then, that the Spirit set this Sunday’s Pentecost service ablaze. From the joyous dignity of the choir singing Vivaldi to the reflective murmuring of Taizé, the singing was wonderful throughout. Listen to some highlights, especially Pastor Jack’s reaction at the end of the final song in communion:

Vivaldi: Cum Sancto Spiritu (from Gloria)

Steven C. Warner: Send Forth Your Spirit (Psalm 104)

Vivaldi: Propter Magnum Gloria (from Gloria)

Communion (Taize: Veni Sancte Spiritus; Illenseer: Come, O Come Holy Spirit; Scheer: O Holy Spirit Come!; Kimbrough: Psalm 104/Oh Rejoice in All Your Works)