Today’s post was written by Celia Kort

The heartier members of the crew participated in the Antrim Park Run, a free weekly 5K run. Luke Witvliet won the whole shebang, with one of our hosts, Peter, coming in third.

After the park run, the group met at Kilbride Presbyterian and walked to the Holestone. This stone is a Bronze Age stone stuck upright in the ground with a man-made hole in the middle. We then walked back and had lunch.

Next in the lineup was climbing Slemish. The group did quite well with the rigorous hike up and thoroughly enjoyed the view from the top. We had a brief time of devotion consisting of a Bible verse, a song, and a portion of St. Patrick’s breastplate. It took a few detours and a few slips, but we all made it down Slemish safely.

After dinner at the church, we closed the evening with a ceili. The group enjoyed learning, messing up, and executing the dances. At the end, we were all hot and exhausted but we had an amazing time!

All in all, we had a great day! It was full of physical activity but the group was up for the challenge and enjoyed ourselves in the process.