Geoff and Tammy Kooistra serve in radio ministry from Quito, Ecuador. Geoff and Tammy were introduced to Church of the Servant through Geoff’s parents, who are COS members.

Geoff and Tammy Kooistra

Description of work: The Kooistras work in media, medical training, and leadership training. The radio ministry includes AM and FM frequencies in Ecuador, as well as Spanish satellite feed, Internet distribution, and Spanish dubbing.
Agency: HCJB Global; the Kooistras also work with other local ministries, some run by agencies such as OMS and SIM.
Location: Quito, Ecuador
History: HCJB began broadcasting from Quito, Ecuador, on Christmas Day 1931. Since then it has grown into a worldwide ministry, partnering with Christian radio around the globe, and now also doing medical and leadership training.
Highlights of Mission: The Kooistras have lived in Quito for more than 11 years and have grown to feel at home there. Over the years, the ministry has transitioned to being run more and more by Latin American leaders. They are pleased to come alongside and help.