The Worship Team

The Worship Team oversees most aspects of worship planning, including a review of morning liturgies. This committee meets about once a month and is always eager for new members and new ideas.


The visual arts at Church of the Servant include seasonal sanctuary decorations, liturgy covers, art exhibits, and graphic design. Fine artists, textile artists, photographers, computer artists, art historians, interior designers, art theologians, and even non-artists are involved in the art committee.

Liturgical Dance

Dance at Church of the Servant accompanies congregational singing and always fits the liturgy. The dancers act on behalf of the congregation in offering praise to God for his gifts of art and motion. Liturgical dance at Church of the Servant is based on the church calendar (Lent, Easter, Trinity, etc.). The dance group has a fluid membership, and we welcome new people who desire to celebrate and worship God with their whole being.


At Church of the Servant, we believe that the congregation is the primary music ensemble in worship. Still, there are many ways for those who play instruments or sing to help lead the congregation in worship. Strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and folk instruments of all types are invited to take part, as are singers at all levels. Choral and instrumental ensembles are organized on an ad hoc basis. There are also opportunities for pianists and music planners.


At Church of the Servant, our worship is liturgical.  Every Sunday our worship is guided by a printed liturgy which invites all congregants to participate through responsive readings and through song.  We also invite congregants to lead by reading scripture (sign up here), act as opening liturgist, and lead our intercessory prayer.

If you wish to participate in worship leadership or have any questions, please contact Maria Stapert, Worship Coordinator