The Worship Team (formerly worship committee) reports to council on matters of COS worship. At-large members are voting members. Working group leaders lead various worship ministries of the church on a week-to-week basis. Meetings are open. If you have an item you’d like the Worship Team to consider, please contact Maria Poppen (

At Large Members (4-6 members)

  • Ron Rienstra, Chair
  • Jeff Jackson, Elder & Council Liaison
  • Donna Spaan
  • Lois Nordling
  • Anneke Kapteyn
  • David Imanuel Widjaja

Ministry Staff

  • Interim Pastor: Len Vander Zee
  • Interim Minister of Worship: Larry Figueroa
  • Music Assistant: Maria Poppen
  • Resident Pastor: Andrew Mead
  • Minister of Administration: Lori Wiersma

Working Group Leaders

  • Art: Matt Plescher
  • BES: Nola Galluch
  • Dance: Julie Yonkers
  • Liturgy: Len Vander Zee
  • Music: Coni Huisman

Updated 7/11/2017