In the spirit of encouraging the singing of new Psalm settings in worship, the judges would like to share their top choices from the 2018 New Psalm Contest.  While the writers are happy to share their work, please contact them for permission to use it and/or report your usage with an appropriate licensing agent.

  • Psalm 23, “Sing of a Shepherd Like No Other Shepherd” by Amanda Husburg: PDF
  • Psalm 27, “I Will See Your Goodness” by Greg Follett: PDF, MP3
  • Psalm 63, “Through the Blood of the King, Our Sacrifice” by David Ward and Eric Schumacher: PDF, MP3
  • Psalm 91, “You Who Make the Lord Your Shelter”  by Arend Jessurun:PDF, MP3
  • Psalm 116, “The Lord Delivered My Soul” by Ben Doggett: PDF, MP3
  • Psalm 121, “Our Helper” by Seth Koerner: PDF, MP3
  • Psalm 123, “Have Mercy” by Joel Stamoolis: PDF, MP3