Corshawn Brayboy is a multifaceted professional with a diverse skill set and a dynamic background. As a full-time content strategist, photographer, videographer, and branding specialist, Corshawn has honed his expertise by working with international speakers, influencers, and business professionals. His academic journey saw him graduating from Kalamazoo Valley Community College and later attending WMU where he laid the foundation for his varied career.

Before stepping into the world of content creation, Corshawn made his mark as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, showcasing discipline and determination. These qualities have seamlessly translated into his professional life, enabling him to create impactful and engaging content.

At the heart of his personal life, Corshawn is a dedicated family man. Married to Nicole Battle-Brayboy, he is a loving father to four children, two boys, and two girls. His role as a husband and father deeply influences his work, infusing it with a sense of purpose and commitment.

Beyond his professional and family commitments, Corshawn is deeply passionate about continually learning and growing in his field. He spends considerable time consuming and analyzing content related to branding, video editing, and content creation. This ongoing pursuit of knowledge not only keeps him at the forefront of industry trends but also ensures that his work remains fresh, innovative, and relevant.

In summary, Corshawn Brayboy is a dynamic professional whose diverse experiences and passions shape his unique approach to content strategy and creation. His journey from an MMA fighter to a Creative Content Strategist, coupled with his role as a family man, makes his story not only inspiring but also relatable to a wide audience