Worship Services during Holy Week:

April 2, Maundy Thursday, 7:00pm, Fellowship Room
“Love One Another” John 13:31-34 Rev. Adam Van Gelder
Maundy Thursday is a worship service remembering the upper room. We gather around tables in the fellowship space to hear the words of Christ and to break bread. There is a special role in the service for young readers.

April 3, Good Friday, 12:15pm, Sanctuary (nursery available, infants to age 5)
Good Friday worship is a 45-minute service of prayer, meditation, and song, focusing on the end of Christ’s life, from the betrayal in the Garden through his burial.

April 5, Easter Sunday, 8:30 & 11:00am, Sanctuary (nursery available, infants and toddlers)
“The New Normal” John 20:1-18 Rev. Jack Roeda
Easter morning worship begins with a procession of flowers to decorate the communion table. You are invited to bring potted plants and flowers and gather in the back of the sanctuary before the service. Our Basic English Service friends will join us for this service.
Children’s Worship and Little Lambs will not be offered Easter morning to allow children to worship with their families in the sanctuary.
Our annual Easter Brunch takes place 10-10:50am, between the morning services, in the café and fellowship space. Everyone is welcome!
April 5, Easter Sunday, 6:00pm, Sanctuary
Easter evening worship will center around testimonies of three individuals and what the resurrection means to them. Sharing with us this Easter will be Jamie Cheeney, Lindsay Ellis, and Todd Kapitula.