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We are ready to progress to the next step in the process of discerning God’s will for our congregation. The six Listening Leaders submitted their 22 interviews of 8 questions each to Church Innovations (CI). The CI Reading Team compiled a report which includes the interview responses, and suggests further questions the congregation as a whole may want to discuss as we continue this self-study.

Our Steering Team will be releasing many of these same questions over the next several Sundays this summer. They will be posted in the bulletin and also on our church website. In addition, we will be hosting a few adult forums for discussion on these questions; dates to be announced.

There are another dozen interviews being done with the BES international worshippers. The CI report from these interviews will be completed in early July.

The Steering Team is excited about progress thus far, and grateful to all who have given lovingly and willingly to this process. As we practice dwelling in the Word, we have a real sense that we are indeed being guided by the Spirit and will be equipped for every good work.

The Steering Team puts forward every effort to communicate and be transparent. If you have any questions regarding process or progress – please ask!!  

We are Jonathan Bradford, Amy Diephouse, Tracy Gebbia, Bob Luce, Jack Roeda, Carole Vander Pols, and Lori Wiersma.


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