This Week:

On this Eastertide Sunday, Rev. Karen Campbell will preach from Acts 2:42-47 and 1 Peter 2:11-17 in the larger worship service. Albert Strydhorst will preach from 1 Peter 2:11-17 in the All Nations Worship Service in Room 4. During the worship services this Sunday, we also have the joy of recognizing and honoring this year’s High School graduates.

Following the services, we invite you to stick around for our first Sunday of the Month all-church meal.

The 10 am large sanctuary service will also be broadcast via Zoom. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive the Zoom links.   

Church News:

Current Giving for May: $10,264

April 2023 Giving: $83,854

Monthly budgeted General Fund Giving is:  $120,551

For our final GPS sessions of the program year, Dr. Gary Burge will be presenting four sessions of his course, How to Read a Parable. Throughout his ministry Jesus used parables to explain how many of his primary teachings should be understood. This reflex to employ story (rather than abstraction) is characteristically Jewish and is known in the Middle East even today. However, this story-telling technique also used cultural codes that only Jesus’ ancient audience understood. And many of them are lost to us today. By reclaiming them, we will discover how to interpret Jesus’ parables and discover new meanings in them. Join us May 14 and 21 at 11:45am.

Friendship ESL at COS brings the school year 2022-2023 to a close on May 23 (7p) and May 24 (1030a) with two grand Achievement and Awards celebrations, to which all the church is invited. No RSVP, just come! Special treats and precious words from students — once strangers, now friends.

We’re still looking for more donors to join us at our blood drive this Monday, May 8, 2-7pm. Blood donation provides that which cannot be manufactured -human blood. Will you be a lifesaver? Sign up online We have about 20 open slots on our schedule. Will you take one? We’d love to have some first-time donors too; if that’s you, and you have questions, please contact Ruth Huisman. The process takes about an hour, and really does save lives! Thank you!

Security Team Members Needed: The Security Team is entrusted with keeping the members, guests, and visitors physically safe and secure by endeavoring to make a safe facility, assistance in case of a medical emergency, and basic protection from fire, abuse, and intrusion. This Team is looking for volunteers to rotate Sundays and/Wednesdays. For questions, to volunteer, or a copy of the Security Team Mandate, contact or the church office.

Check out the Artery Sunday after church to see our own Matt Plescher’s art. He will be having a reception to meet and greet on May 25 from 7:00-9:00 pm in the Artery at Church of the Servant.

Sunday morning scripture readers wanted! If you would like to read scripture on Sunday morning, click here to sign up for any Sunday.

From Classis GR East: Classis GR East is a founding member of Together West Michigan, formerly The Micah Center. On May 20, from 10-11:30, we are presenting key policy proposals to our city and county leadership. We need 100 CRC members to show up and demonstrate that we care about the policy issues we have been working on together for a year now. We want our voice to be heard to fund the childcare millage, funding for low-income housing, resources for mental health, just to name a few.  Register here and invite others! For questions email Andy Ryskamp at

Job Openings:

Position: Sunday Facilities Coordinator

Hours: 5-6 hours a week

Position Objective: The Sunday Facilities Coordinator has primary responsibility for opening/closing the facilities and preparing the facility for Sunday worship.

Schedule: Work schedule is normally 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each Sunday. On the Sundays when a meal is served, the schedule may go until 2:00 p.m. Opportunities for occasional Sundays off will be provided.

Pay rate: $17 per hour based on experience.

Inquiries and Resumes to Church Administrator:

Read the full job description here

Position: Facilities Coordinator

Hours: 15 hours a week

Position Objective: The Facility Coordinator is responsible for preparation of the COS facility so that it is a ready and reliable resource for the programs, ministries, staff, and members of the church thereby helping to ensure the fulfillment the church’s vision and mission.

Schedule: Work schedule is negotiable with hours normally completed on weekdays. The candidate should be on-site for weekday congregation activities including Wednesday evening activities and meals.

Pay rate: $17 per hour based on experience.

Inquiries and Resumes to Church Administrator:

Read the full job description here