This Week:

On this Ascension Sunday, Rev. Karen Campbell will preach from Acts 1:6-14 and 1 Peter 5:6-11 in the larger worship service. Rev. Andrew Mead will preach from 1 Peter 5:6-11 in the All Nations Worship Service in Room 4.

Following the worship services, we invite you to stick around for Sunday School for all ages. Our Adult-ed Sunday School (GPS) concludes its series with Dr. Gary Burge on “How to Read a Parable” in room 3. We will also hold a Q&A session discussing our Articles of Incorporation. Learn more in this recent email.

The 10 am large sanctuary service will also be broadcast via Zoom. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive the Zoom links.   

Children’s Ministry News, from Jolanda Howe:

May 21: The Last Day of Sunday School. I hope all children ages 4-years-old through 6th grade will attend this Sunday enjoy a final lesson and thank their teachers! You’ll find the classrooms for age 4-1st graders, 2nd-4thgraders, and 5-6th graders in the hallway at the back of the large sanctuary, right behind the church mailboxes. Please join me in thanking Mugs Mast, Beth Reinders, Liz and Scott Riddle, Linda Schaefer, Julie Stinton,  and Maria Stapert-Vander Berg for sharing the stories of faith with our kids this year!

May 28: Faith Formation Volunteer Appreciation Celebration. Next Sunday we will recognize with gratitude the jubilarians among us who have nurtured the faith of children and youth this ministry season. If you have served as a Sunday school teacher, Small Group Leader, Little Lambs Jam Band Member, Little Lambs or Children’s Worship Leader or Assistant, Girls or Boys Club leader, Van Driver, Wednesday Kitchen Crew Member, Faith Formation Team Member, Monday Night Tutor, Summer Trip Leader or if you serve behind the scenes, on-call, or for special faith formation events—you are invited to a cake reception to celebrate God’s work in and through you this ministry season! Look for an email invitation this week (through our scheduling program) and reply with your RSVP if you are available to attend!

June 4: 2nd Grade Graduates Receive Bibles. On Sunday, June 4, our graduating 2nd graders will receive Bibles during the service in both services. After receiving Bibles, they will join the processional to the children’s wing one final time to explore their new Bibles with Ms. Sherri Leahy! 

June 11: Programming for Children Ages 3 through Graduated 1st Graders. Beginning June 11th the newly graduated 2nd graders will remain in the sanctuary for corporate worship while children ages 3 through graduated 1st graders will be blessed and dismissed to continue worship in the children’s wing. If your child is 2.5 and they’ve already been attending Little Lambs they are welcome to continue through the summer. If your child is not yet 3, please wait until the beginning of the new ministry season. All children will remain in their current classrooms until late August, when we will advance children in our LL and CW rooms up to the next grade level. 

Church News:

For our final GPS session of the program year, Dr. Gary Burge will be presenting four sessions of his course, How to Read a Parable. Throughout his ministry Jesus used parables to explain how many of his primary teachings should be understood. This reflex to employ story (rather than abstraction) is characteristically Jewish and is known in the Middle East even today. However, this story-telling technique also used cultural codes that only Jesus’ ancient audience understood. And many of them are lost to us today. By reclaiming them, we will discover how to interpret Jesus’ parables and discover new meanings in them. Join us May 21 at 11:45am.

Friendship ESL at COS brings the school year 2022-2023 to a close on May 23 (7p) and May 24 (1030a) with two grand Achievement and Awards celebrations, to which all the church is invited. No RSVP, just come! Special treats and precious words from students — once strangers, now friends.

Hearty thanks to all who contributed to our recent blood drive. You came, you gave, and up to 63 people will benefit from the 21 donations collected. Human blood cannot be manufactured – it’s only available through the generous donations of individuals like you and me. So thank you for saving lives!  Our next drive is scheduled for Monday, July 31. Mark your calendar now to be a life saver!  –Ruth Huisman

Sunday morning scripture readers wanted! If you would like to read scripture on Sunday morning, click here to sign up for any Sunday.

The Council of Church of the Servant invites all voting members to an important congregational meeting on Sunday, June 4, 2023 in the SES worship space, after the morning services. Council has adopted a recommendation for congregational approval to do two things:

  • Amend the Articles of Incorporation for Church of the Servant CRC.
  • Approve the assignment of all assets of Church of the Servant to a new corporate entity.

Council makes these recommendations to be good stewards of the resources of COS and to update our governing documents. Learn more here.

From Ben Videtich, Minister of Congregational Life: Congregational Life has much to do with being gathered. As grapes from many hills are gathered into one cup of wine [or Welch’s], we too are gathered with Jesus at the table. Perhaps, as siblings often do, we talk about our sameness and our differences. But whether we’re coming from Jenison or Oakdale [my neighborhood], we’re gathered together sacramentally. And when joy or difficulty comes our way, the hope is that we can enter one another’s lives and shepherd [pastor] one another along life’s journey

To help the shepherding happen, one of the care networks we have in place is the Parish Care Team, a group of deacons, elders, and other shepherds who are available for needs that arise within our community. This mapillustrates one way we try to cover our entire congregation with at least one baseline layer of care. It’s an imperfect system, but it’s a starting place. Also, if you want to communicate thoughts or perspective to Council, you will see your representative listed. It can be vulnerable to accept support and care, but often it is a two-way blessing: the caring person[s] find as much joy as those receiving care. Such is the kingdom of God. If you have any questions or thoughts around care, community, and connection, feel free to pass them along to me, 

Security Team Members Needed: The Security Team is entrusted with keeping the members, guests, and visitors physically safe and secure by endeavoring to make a safe facility, assistance in case of a medical emergency, and basic protection from fire, abuse, and intrusion. This Team is looking for volunteers to rotate Sundays and/Wednesdays. For questions, to volunteer, or a copy of the Security Team Mandate, contact or the church office.

Check out the Artery Sunday after church to see our own Matt Plescher’s art. He will be having a reception to meet-and-greet on May 25 from 7:00-9:00 pm in the Artery at Church of the Servant.

The mailboxes in the Worship Center have been updated. If you see an error or don’t see your mailbox and want one, contact the church office. For those who preordered directories, they have been placed in your mailbox. If you didn’t preorder a directory and would like a copy, contact the church office. If you would like access to the online directory through Servant Keeper, contact the church office.

Meijer Simply Give: Our recent Meijer Simply Give campaign raised a remarkable $15,040 for our food pantry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed. Currently, we’re participating in another campaign, and we’ll update you on the double match days soon. Your support through purchasing $10 Simply Give Cards at the Cascade Meijer greatly benefits our food pantry. Stay tuned for the announcement of Double Match days!

Sunday May 28 is Faith Promise Sunday.  This is the day you can give or pledge your support for COS’s fourteen international missionaries.  We are hoping to raise $33,000 for Faith Promise support for 2023.  Last year we gave $57,000 in total for missionary support, with $24,000 from the COS General Fund and $33,000 from Faith Promise.  Look for the Faith Promise Pledge form online and in church starting May 21.  Thank you for praying and giving!

Job Openings:

Position: Sunday Facilities Coordinator

Hours: 5-6 hours a week

Position Objective: The Sunday Facilities Coordinator has primary responsibility for opening/closing the facilities and preparing the facility for Sunday worship.

Schedule: Work schedule is normally 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each Sunday. On the Sundays when a meal is served, the schedule may go until 2:00 p.m. Opportunities for occasional Sundays off will be provided.

Pay rate: $17 per hour based on experience.

Inquiries and Resumes to Church Administrator:

Read the full job description here

Position: Facilities Coordinator

Hours: 15 hours a week

Position Objective: The Facility Coordinator is responsible for preparation of the COS facility so that it is a ready and reliable resource for the programs, ministries, staff, and members of the church thereby helping to ensure the fulfillment the church’s vision and mission.

Schedule: Work schedule is negotiable with hours normally completed on weekdays. The candidate should be on-site for weekday congregation activities including Wednesday evening activities and meals.

Pay rate: $17 per hour based on experience.

Inquiries and Resumes to Church Administrator:

Read the full job description here