• SEEING JESUS through the lens of John’s Revelation

The “Thursday Bible Study” will resume on Thursday, September 17, 2015, 9:30 – 11:00 am, meeting in the COS café area.

  • In the fall, COS member, Mary Loeks, will lead a scripture study for men and women of all ages. We hope to see in a fresh way who our Lord Jesus is. This is a Bible study where everyone is welcome.  As we dig into scripture, we are all “fellow diggers”—men, women, COS members and other neighbors and friends.   Child care is provided.  Facilitator: Mary Loeks
  • The English as Second Language Women’s Bible study meets on Thursday mornings from 10 to 11:30 in the ESL room.  Women from many countries, ranging from practiced readers to struggling readers, most of us Christian but not necessarily all of us, gather around the typed text.  We become friends as we dig into God’s Word to discover what he wants for us to learn, understand and obey. Along the way, we also learn vocabulary and tips on how to be a good reader. (This is not a place where we use the Bible to teach ESL; we study the Bible in ESL-friendly ways.)  In the fall of 2015 we will study 10 of the “Be Not Afraid” passages, beginning on October 8.   If you would like to attend, or if you would like to sit alongside a struggling reader, you will be greeted with a hug.  Childcare is provided.