Spring 2024

The COS grounds are flourishing!

Our native plants are growing rapidly and look lovely, but they need a little TLC from volunteers who can adopt a garden or section of a garden.

Adopter responsibilities include: preparing the garden bed in the spring, weeding 3 to 4 times a summer, watering if there is a drought, transplanting if an area is too thin with plants, and preparing the beds in the fall for their winter nap.

Below is a brief list of the garden areas. Do you see an area that you could adopt?  If so, please contact Hope Bradley.

You may use this PDF for a more thorough description of each garden and the care responsibilities.


  1. Gratitude Garden (with the memorial trees)
  2. Prayer Garden (with the dove statue)
  3. Building Border Garden 1 (door A to door B)
  4. Japanese island near front entrance
  5. Building Border Garden 2 ( door E through Courtyard)
  6. Building Border Garden 3 (Door L to door M)
  7. Building Border Garden 4 (Door N)
  8. Building Border Garden 5 (Door O to door A)
  9. Parking lot Island A (West end to grass circle)
  10. Parking Lot Island B (West Processional trees to grass circle)
  11. Parking Lot Island C (East Processional trees to first vehicle divider)
  12. Parking Lot Island D (First vehicle divider to second divider)
  13. Parking Lot Island E (East Island)
  14. Bioswale
  15. Blue Stem Circle Garden in front of door A
  16. West Entrance rain garden around COS sign
  17. Fire pit garden: Joan Huyser-Honing is the lead on this garden.
  18. Circle Garden at East entrance (known as Don Gordon’s garden)
  19. Areas around trees that were weeded & mulched 2023.
  20. Border garden at West Entrance (in development)
  21. Welcome Home gardens (in development)
  22. No Mow Grass and Raspberries at the West Entrance