COS’s choral year finished up this Sunday, and I must say we went out in style.

First up was a prelude, “Ershienen Ist der Herrlich Tag” (The Glorious Day Has Appeared), a beautiful Easter chorale harmonized by J.S. Bach. From Bach we moved on to Brazil, with the North American premiere of “All of My Heart” by Rubem Amorese and Toninho Zemuner.

But wait, it wasn’t all about the music. The youth group did a cool “flash mob” Apostle’s Creed. And if that isn’t young enough for you, Wendell Zwart took a little solo during the child blessing that was so cute it had to be shared. Wendell’s enthusiasm was contagious, it seems, because my own kids doodled their own version of “thanks be to God” with a little “remember the Alamo!” thrown in.

All in all it was a good day. A fitting end to a great year.