COS is hoping to appoint a BES Music Coordinator to help and lead in the planning of the Basic English Service worship services that welcome and utilize the creative and spiritual expression of congregants’ gifts. This is a part-time position (12 hours a week for an initial period of one year).

Please read below for further details. Closing date for application is August 16. Please submit your interest to Ron Rienstra and Karen Campbell

Job Description

Church of the Servant CRC

Being and Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Position: BES Music Coordinator (12 hours each week at $15 an hour, 1-year term with the possibility of being reviewed by council at the end of the year)

Revised: May 2019

Reports to: Co-Pastor Karen

Summary of Worship within COS: COS embraces a liturgical framework that draws on holy scripture to guide the planning of formal worship.  This takes precedence over a particular musical or artistic style. COS values drawing on the diverse gifts, multi-generations, backgrounds, and cultures of the members of COS and the broader church to usher in authentic worship that acknowledges the Trinity of God and is beautifully eclectic in nature. Our worship also draws upon the traditions of the faith that have glorified God and served the church well over the centuries, as well as seeking out new expressions of worship that would be appropriately fitting to our diverse congregation.

The Basic English Service (BES) began in April 2009 for English language learners. This includes New Americans who have arrived in the USA as refugees or asylum seekers. Worshippers include New Americans and American-born folks; former refugees and asylum seekers; international college and seminary students; young children and retirees. The service is relaxed and welcoming to all.

Position Summary: The BES Music Co-Ordinator will help and lead in the planning of the worship services that welcome and utilize the creative and spiritual expression of congregants’ gifts.  

The BES Music Co-Ordinator will work as part of a team consisting of the BES Worship Liaison Co-Ordinator, Co-Pastor Andrew and the SES Worship Co-Ordinator. 

We would like the BES specialist to be experienced in leading and teaching global songs.

Position Description: The BES Music Co-Ordinator will work alongside the team listed above to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of music in the Sunday morning BES service that ensures a colorful expression of kingdom worship across cultures. 


Expand the repertoire of global music within Church of the Servant in a way that enables people from other cultures to bring their ‘whole selves’ into worship.  This may include new songs, dance, drama and other creative ways to participate. 

Identify global songs that can translate well into the SES worship setting

Empower and enable those who already attend to participate more meaningfully in a BES worship setting

Take initiative in establishing a music leadership team comprising of people from different language groups


Music planning and leading

  1. Typically up to two services a month plan, lead and select appropriate music.
  2. Work alongside BES Worship liaison as well as the Worship team.
  3. Be available from 9 am most Sundays to help ensure the smooth running of the worship
  4. Ensure a good rotation and variety of music planned, including global songs, hymns from a variety of traditions, Psalms.  When choosing music consider singability, familiarity, novelty, musical excellence, in the pursuit of the full, conscious, and active participation of the congregation in the liturgy.
  5. Periodically meet with the other worship planners to pool resources.
  6. Help recruit musicians to serve in worship
  7. Look for opportunities to work with and help rehearse individuals and music groups.  Sundays after the morning service tend to be a good time for this.
  8. On the Sundays when music is being planned, ensure music is made available to musicians in advance.
  9. Meet with BES congregants to learn songs from their culture and be able to select and teach the BES congregation songs that are appropriate for this setting
  10. Using some of the song offerings, identify ones that can be notated and used for our worship services
  11. If skills in drama and art are discovered within the BES congregation, find ways of encouraging deeper participation of these in the worship service
  12. Arrange and notate music when needed

Musical Education

Find opportunities to expand the congregation’s knowledge of global music

Logistical Tasks

Responsible to see that all music preparations for the liturgy are made prior to the typing of the liturgies in a timely fashion

Administrative work

  • Attend weekly staff meetings approximately twice a month
  • Attend the monthly BES  Leadership Team committee and work closely with the SES Worship Co-Ordinator, the Worship liaison and other volunteers

Essential Criteria:

  • Proven experience of building good relationships across cultures
  • Good team player
  • Musical skills including proficiency in reading music, arranging and notating music, playing a musical instrument and singing (with a preference for someone with guitar skills)
  • Proven experience of leading worship in a global context
  • Be able to read and sightread music
  • Proven experience of ability to teach music aurally and by rote
  • A knowledge base of the global worship scene
  • A good understanding of liturgical considerations when selecting music
  • A living faith in Jesus Christ and a deep desire to keep growing

Please submit your CV with details of how you might fit this role to Ron Rienstra and Karen Campbell