Here we will provide resources and guides for those meeting to worship on Sunday, May 22, 2022. This Sunday we worship a 10 am in the large worship space and our Basic English Service in Room 5. Check back soon for more info related to worship at Church of the Servant.

In worship in the sanctuary, Rev. Michelle Loyd-Paige will preach from Acts 16:9-15. Rev. Karen Campbell will preach from Acts 16:9-15 in the Basic English Service.

Following the services, At 11:45, we invite you to stick around for session 5 of our Adult-ed GPS. This week we continue our series on spiritual practices: “Hungering for God”.

Also this week: we will be holding a Children and the Lord’s Supper class at 11:45 am in the Living Room.

You are also welcome to participate in worship and GPS via Zoom at 10 am this Sunday. Please subscribe to our Email Newsletter list prior to Sunday to receive the Zoom link in your inbox each week.