A couple of weeks ago in her sermon, Pastor Karen talked about the posture of having an open heart to God.  This was prompted by visiting an exhibition held in Calvin University by Prof Anna Greidanus.

We are delighted to invite you to attend the opening of this exhibition on Wednesday evening (May 19) at 6:30 pm in our own COS sanctuary. We hope that as you think of returning to worship in person on the COS grounds, this might be an opportunity to come, to pray, and to contemplate some of the deeper spiritual issues you are holding in your heart with God. Through this experience, may you come to be renewed by God’s Holy Spirit. Whilst there is no sign up for this event, we will limit participants to 25 at any one time.  May we be able to say like the disciples on the road to Emmaus ‘were not our hearts burning within us?’

Artist Statement: Anna Greidanus  – Matters of the Heart

In his Confessions, St Augustine promotes the practice of writing from the heart, our innermost self. Metaphorically, the heart, a vessel, has often been approached as if it were a book, where memories and sentiments are inscribed. The ceramic works in this exhibition, produced by Anna Greidanus, reexamine the relationship between the heart, the text of record, and the materiality of vessels. The viewer is invited to contemplate, honoring their own associations and reflections.   

Artist Profile:  Anna Greidanus

Raised on a Midwestern farm, Anna Greidanus’s work references the material of place and experience of community. Her installation work frequently involves collaborations with others engaging survivorship themes of individuals in communities and Earth’s ecosystems. The current work on exhibition at Church of the Servant, “Matters of the Heart”, offers a personal theme. Viewers are invited to consider the heart as a metaphor of interior self and spirituality. Vessels referencing the heart are intended to serve as functional, contemplative objects.

Anna Greidanus earned a BA in Art Education from Calvin College and an MFA degree in Studio Art with Honors from Michigan State University. Engaged in art making and teaching for over 30 years, currently Professor of Art at Calvin University, Anna exhibits work regionally, nationally, and internationally. She has received recognition through organizations such as the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts and The National Art Education Association. Anna earned grants from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Humanities, The Getty Foundation, The Lilly Endowment, and Spectrum Health. Her art features sculptural ceramics, mixed media installations, and vessels. Michigan venues for Anna’s work have included regional art museums, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Art Prize, private and university galleries. Recently Anna’s work is featured in collaborative projects with Dutch artists created during ceramics Summer residencies in Leeuwarden Friesland, The Netherlands.

Contact Information:

Anna E. Greidanus

Professor of Art

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Calvin University  

3201 Burton Street SE

Grand Rapids MI 49546

Cell Phone: 616-450-9353

Email: greida@calvin.edu

The following is a link to images on a current web site – to be updated. https://annagreidanus.wordpress.com/