A compelling new opportunity

The number of refugees awaiting placements in communities like ours is rising. At the same time, the housing crunch in Grand Rapids keeps getting worse.

Against this backdrop, Church of the Servant has been presented with a unique opportunity—the chance to purchase a home adjacent to our property and establish it as transitional housing for refugees and immigrants.

After devoting time to prayer, research, and evaluation, the COS council voted unanimously in March to move forward with plans to buy the house.

Excitement has grown quickly. We are now in the midst of a fundraising effort that we trust will enable COS to finalize the purchase in early June. Our timeline is tight—the goal is to gather as many gifts and pledges as we can by May 31. By God’s grace, we’re well on the way.

This opportunity aligns beautifully with our mission as a congregation. In 2016, our Crossing Over exercise reaffirmed a goal emerging from our 1972 document, that “we commit to service and partnerships that show the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors near and far.” For 50 years, God has blessed our efforts to welcome and befriend people from around the world.

This project—called Welcome Home—allows us to plant a more tangible, visible ministry of hospitality right along Burton Street. It also invites us to deepen our life together as a community in Christ by nurturing transformative relationships amidst our differences.

Will you join us?

Welcome Home Campaign Team

Marc Beversluis

Jonathan Bradford

Eve Clayton

Jay Ediger

Tom McWhertor

Sylvia Nyamuhungu