On April 17, floods devastated the city of Uvira in the Democratic Republic of Congo. About 40 people died. 3,500 homes were destroyed, about 75,000 people are homeless. This disaster has a particular connection to COS through Alex Majaliwa (his brothers living in Uvira lost their home) and through the Sepa family (the home they owned was destroyed). The Sepa family also planted a church in Uvira, Calvary Church.

COS partnered with Calvary Church by raising funds. Calvary Church offers this update:

Brothers and Sister in Christ,

On the behalf of the Calvary church Uvira/DR Congo, we apologize for the delay to submit this Distribution Report. The delay was caused by the TMB bank’s very long process.

You will see these attachments and the Youtube Links as well.

Go to the following links:



We are very grateful for your donation that enabled the Calvary Church DRC to assist the needy people in the community of Uvira. You will read all the details and watch the videos as well.

May God bless the COS in general and his servants.

Submitted by Sepa Nashale