As COS continues to deepen our discernment about sexuality and life together in Christ, please join us on Sunday August 11 from 8:30 – 9:50 am in room 3 off the café.

Two RCA pastors currently writing a book on marriage and celibacy will share their work: Two Ways of the Cross: Rediscovering Marriage and Celibacy in Light of the Contemporary Sexuality Debate.

How do the two vocations of marriage and celibacy witness in their own unique, complementary ways to the gospel? In what ways do they witness to the cross, and the new creation? Steven Rodriguez and Kevin Slusher, two pastors committed to spiritual friendship, one married with children, one gay and committed to a life of celibacy, each bring a unique perspective to these questions. Breakfast foods and coffee will be on hand! Please contact Pastor Andrew with any questions.