On May 11, 2008 Greg Scheer, COS minster of worship, continued a series of interviews with key characters involved in the history and development of Church of the Servant’s worship. In this second week he speaks with John Witvliet, Carol Roeda, Carole Vander Pols, Hannah Maier, David Diephouse about the middle years of COS worship. The 30 minute discussion is separated into the two MP3 files below:

Part 1

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:30 What brought you to the church?
  • 9:30 First impressions
  • 13:30 Is there a typical COS member?

Part 2

  • 15:20 Jack Roeda’s installation
  • 17:00 Jack’s first months; John Vriend; Eric Wolterstorff
  • 21:20 Where are the tensions in COS worship?
  • 24:05 Wow does COS relate to the ecumenical, historical, and CRC church?
  • 29:30 Final questions