This is mentoring?

Sunday, September 26, in conjunction with our annual volunteer training event, the leadership of COS invites COS volunteers, leaders, and friends to lunch and a session with Tom Schwanda.

Tom is an RCA minister who pastored for 18 years. He then spent the last 25 years as a professor of Christian spirituality and discipleship, most recently retiring from Wheaton College before he and his wife Grace came to worship with us at COS. He will help us explore the nature and principles of mentoring, and also imagine what mentoring could look like at COS and beyond. Tom’s talk will not only give practical examples and useful tools, but it will also help us see how our faith journeys can be deepened through mentoring relationships.

While this event is open to all members and friends of COS who would like to explore mentoring more deeply, this lunch and mentoring session will take place immediately before our Safe Church Training. All COS volunteers who work with children under 18 are required to attend an annual Safe Church Training event in order to serve as a volunteer.* We hope this event will equip all of you to pursue mentoring more intentionally, especially those who are volunteering at COS.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP by emailing Annette Ediger, Minister of Faith Formation. This will help us plan for lunch.

  • Noon – Lunch served outside on the West edge of the patio
  • 12:15-1pm – “This is Mentoring?” (Note: A short break will take place after the mentoring session to allow those who are not volunteering in children or youth ministries to depart. Childcare will also be provided during the training)
  • 1-1:30pm – Safe Church Training for anyone considering or committed to volunteering with children under 18 years of age

*A brief, additional Safe Church Training event will take place following worship on Oct. 10 for any volunteers who are unable to attend training on Sept. 26.