Chapter 14 – “The Dance of God”
Epilogue – “Where do We Go From Here?”

For Discussion on Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1.    Keller describes the relationship of the Trinity as a mutual dance of love and joy. Our sinfulness has interrupted that dance and replaced it with our standing still and insisting that everyone else dance in orbit around us (p 220). In response to the question, “why did Jesus die for us?” Keller suggests that in his death Jesus “was circling and serving us…. He centers upon us, loving us without benefit to him” (p 221). From there, we can learn to center our dance around him. Do you find this image helpful? How do you see Jesus’ death and resurrection as helping you to start moving in life and “join the dance”?

2.    In the section, “The Future of the Dance” (pp 222-3), Keeler describes his view of what life after the second coming might look like. A life where “Even the trees will sing and make music before the face of the returning King…” What do you imagine life will be like after Christ’s return? Has that image changed for you over time? How so?

3.    Keller says that that the world is ours to respect and honor as stewards of God’s gift (p 225). Others feel that, since the world will be re-created by God in the end anyway, we are free to use it or abuse it as we see fit, God will make it all good in the end. What difference does the idea of a “new heaven and new earth” have on the way you live your life?

4.    In the Epilogue, Keller hopes that by now it’s possible that “Christianity may be more plausible to you now” (p 227). Did you find this to be the case for you, after reading this book? In what ways has it become so?

5.    What was your favorite aspect of this book? Perhaps an image, an argument, or a paradigm shift. What, if anything has caused you to be at least a little different person coming out of this book than when you entered into it?

6.    Do you find this book spoke to you in a way that will make a difference in how you think about your faith, how you feel about your faith (more or less comforting/comfortable, etc), or how you live out your faith? How so?