You’re invited to join The Justice Class –An adult education opportunity, Sundays, 8:55 am —starting October 14.

Our fall theme will be “Considering Public Justice” –and we will together review two series of essays found in The Public Justice Review, published by the Center for Public Justice:

We will consider two short essays per week –starting with Vol. 8, Issue 2, 2018: “What Is Public Justice?”
October 14
Essay 1 – Public Justice Review: A Manifesto by Robert J. Joustra
Essay 2 – The Social Justice Wars: Where Does Public Justice Fit? by Richard J. Mouw

October 21
Essay 3 – Are Principles Enough? Virtues In Public Policy by Kevin R. den Dulk
Essay 4 – Improv For The Kingdom: What Does It Mean To Equip People For Public Justice? by Kristen Deede Johnson

October 28 
Essay 5 – The Postures Of Public Justice by Kyle David Bennett
Essay 6 – Public Justice: A Visual Exploration by Sean Purcell

In November, we will look at essays in “Vol. 8, Issue 4, 2018, “Making Peace with Proximate Pluralism, Public Justice Review.” After that, we will choose a topic from several that are addressed in the PJR in the last year or two.