You may think that anyone who can read English and has the gumption to stand in front of 500 people has all the needed qualifications to read scripture in worship at Church of the Servant.

You would be wrong.

It takes a good deal of preparation and as the French say “I do not know what” to make the scripture come alive in worship. Elsewhere I posted an MP3 of an adult who gave an exemplary reading. Today I’d like you to hear some young people who did an extraordinary job of leading the congregation with their scripture reading. Paige (9) and Sean (13) Lang read beautifully on Nov. 15, 2009. Listen to this MP3 and be amazed as Paige glides effortlessly over words like “portent” (what is a “portent,” anyway?) and Sean navigates the treacherous terrain of Acts 2 without so much as an over-rip comma. (Phrygia? Pamphylia? You can’t make this stuff up!)

Thanks to Paige and Sean (and their parents) for taking the time to prepare God’s Word for God’s people.