A fundamental purpose of merging the two large sanctuary services was to honor the results of our Crossing Over journey, which reminded us of our desire for unity, fellowship, and community. The announcement of the decision to merge the two sanctuary services also included with it a promise to the congregation: that we would work hard to create time for regular fellowship between our BES and SES worshippers. We believe that continuing our practice of combined BES/SES worship services is vital in honoring that commitment to fellowship in the body of Christ.

In respecting the needs and practices of both of our worshipping bodies, and in honoring our commitment to unity, we are excited to announce that we will worship together in a combined 10 am service in the large Sanctuary on March 5, and again on May 7. These 10 am services will be followed by a meal and a time of intergenerational fellowship, education, and fun. Worshipping together at 10 o’clock allows time for fellowship after the service as well as respects the willingness of BES members to worship early, many of whom work late nights.

These two Sundays, March 5 and May 7, will be called “Prism Sundays.” Our mission statement proclaims “We are a diverse community of Christ’s Servants, a home for God’s children, and a prism for God’s light in liturgy and life.” Just as a physical prism is a vehicle through which light passes to produce the beauty and colors of the spectrum, so too do we desire to be a community that is alive to the glory of God in all of its brilliance. These “Prism Sundays” can serve as reminders and opportunities for this diverse community of Christ’s servants to take joy in being united in Christ’s love.

We believe that these services and fellowship events will help foster unity, community, and celebration between our BES and SES congregations in rich and beautiful ways.