COS has hosted an annual New Psalm Contest for the last three years. We plan the premiere of the winning Psalm around the Calvin Worship Symposium in the hopes that we can lure the winning composer to make it a two-for-one deal in frost January Grand Rapids–symposium and premiere. This year it actually worked as intended. David Ward was able to attend the symposium and then come to church on Sunday and lead his song. As a matter of fact, we not only sang his winning song, but there were so many great submissions that we included two others as well. Take a listen:

Konstantin Zhigulin: Clap Your Hands (Psalm 47)
Sung as a prelude.

David Ward: God of the Ages (Psalm 90)
The verses of the song are interwoven with confession and assurance based on Psalm 90.

Jenn Villa: Forever I Will Sing (Psalm 89)
Bad timing: the women of the choir were being served communion right as their solo verse came up!