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Skeptics Sundays

The return of Skeptics Sundays in 2007! Listen to the recording of Session 1 Listen to the recording of Session...

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February/March 2012 Events Archive

Dialogue Events – February/March 2012 Sunday, Feb. 12 at 6pm “Do You Understand What You’re Reading? Interpreting Genesis 1-11” Rev....

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Faith and Science: A Dialogue – Audio Recordings

How can we reconcile the creation accounts in Genesis with the findings of evolutionary and cosmological science? How can we...

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October 2011 Events Archive

Dialogue Events – October 2011 Sunday, Oct. 2 at 6 pm “Reading the Scriptures as the Body of Christ”

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Sermon Recordings: 2011

We also have sermons from other years. For recordings of Faith and Science: A Dialogue, visit here. You should be...

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