THIRD SUNDAY – Since its inception, households have been integral to COS. One of the purposes of a household is to make and deepen relationships while pursuing a life of faith together. Households can offer Christian love and support in all of life’s events, from the mundane to the joyful, or in periods of hardship. The THIRD SUNDAY of each month is a time marked to focus on households. Our hope is that this focus is a reminder: to those not in a household to seek one out, to those in a household to schedule your next gathering, or to those who have never heard of households, to be curious. Households who are looking for a place to meet might meet together at the church following worship.

The church will be available at 11:30 each THIRD SUNDAY for use including the café, kitchen and Room 3 play area. Interested in being in a household? Contact the church office or Chris Klein ( To reserve church space for use with your household—call Ellen Westrate at 901-5684.