Here we will provide resources and guides for house churches meeting Sunday, May 17. Check back soon for more info.

We invite you to Participate in Zoom worship at 10 am this Sunday

The liturgy will be broadcast within the Zoom worship service.

We thank you for your patience and perseverance this morning as we responded to technical difficulties in our Zoom worship service. The issues causing difficulties were widespread among Zoom’s platform.

The issues caused some to be unable to join the service, and others were prevented from connecting their video or audio to the meeting once joined. We also experienced limited admin controls, meaning we were unable to mute/unmute users or share the liturgy during the service.

Karen Campbell has re-recorded her sermon video and posted below. On this post, you can also find an audio recording of this morning’s sermon as delivered in the Zoom service. Please note that it includes some audio interruptions due to the technical issues with Zoom.

On this post we also encourage you to watch a video from Amani Sepa which was to be our song offering. The song is titled Uvira’s Tears. As Amani writes:

On April 16 – 17, torrential rains fell in the city of Uvira (South Kivu, Eastern DR Congo) and caused flooding with significant damage. The flooding killed 40 people, destroyed 3,500 homes, damaged 7 bridges, and displaced 78,000 people. It’s so sad to face such situation while the world is in the crisis of COVID19 . GOD comforts Uvira, God comforts my country DRCongo, God comforts the World.

Thank you, and we hope to see you again next Sunday!

Psalm 93 with Visualization
Sermon audio from our Zoom service. Please note: Technical difficulties from Zoom result in some interruptions during the audio.