Here we will provide resources and guides for house churches meeting Sunday, April 26

We invite you to Participate in Zoom worship at 10 am this Sunday

The liturgy will be broadcast within the Zoom worship service.

On Sunday, April 26, we will continue to worship in homes, individually, but still as one body. This week Pastor Andrew will bring us the message entitled: “Praying our Endurance,” based on the scriptures of Psalm 1 & John 15:1-11.

Why the Psalms?

During this pandemic there will inevitably be times when we all feel anxious, stressed, frightened, discouraged, and even depressed. There will be times when you might think to yourself ‘I can’t do this’ because of overload, overlapping roles at home, and general feelings of being out of control.

We have chosen to do a sermon series on the Psalms during this time because the Psalms speak to us but also for us and help articulate some of the feelings we are struggling to put words to. The Psalms show candor about our condition but then enable renewed trust in the covenantal God who loves us.  

We hope that the Psalms will be your personal companion and solace as we journey through this time together. 

We encourage you to sing daily some of your well-known and well-loved Psalm settings as a focused way to unearth deeply embedded memories as well as embodying truth by using your breath, your mind, your emotions, and your will.  

As Calvin said:
‘When we sing them we are certain that God has put words in our mouth, as if they themselves exalt to his glory’.

May it be so.