Here we will provide resources and guides for house churches meeting Sunday, April 12.

We invite you to Participate in Zoom worship at 10 am.

The liturgy will be broadcast within the Zoom worship service.

At 7 am Easter Sunday, join an Easter Vigil Facebook live feed on the COS Facebook Group with Pastor Karen. As we transition from the darkness of Good Friday to the dawn of Easter Sunday, we will center on Jesus the light. We’ll read through the arc of God’s redemptive plan to remember God’s faithfulness in leading us out of darkness into his light. We are delighted that one of the liturgists for this short service will be one of our COS members, Mwenda Ntarangwi who is currently in Nairobi Kenya. He will lead us in both Swahili and English. We invite you to join us in this rich service that connects us globally, historically and most importantly with the great story of redemption.

For worship this Sunday, follow the worship order in the printed liturgy linked below. You are encouraged to worship around your dining room table, similar to the way our Jewish brothers and sisters begin their Sabbath celebrations. Gathering the following items and assigning the following roles prior to beginning worship will allow for a smooth flow to the service.

• Items: pitcher of water and a bowl to pour into, candle and matches, bread and wine or juice
• Roles: liturgist, candle lighter, 2 scripture readers, a prayer leader, someone to set the table with communion elements

Whether you are worshipping alone, with one or two others, or with several family members–know you are united in Christ with all who are worshipping this morning! Consider joining other COS members in time rather than space, by using this liturgy to worship at 10am on Sunday morning or by joining the members of COS in a Zoom worship service at 10am this Sunday.

You may also want a computer or smart phone available to access the links of various recordings throughout the service. Links to recordings of the music are provided, but if you have a musician in your household, you are encouraged to have the musician lead the songs.

The liturgy and music are comprised of material from our SES and BES Easter liturgies, as well as our Children in Worship program. We hope this liturgy will give room for all members – young and old, native English speakers and ESL learners, brothers and sisters from many cultures – to participate fully in the worship of our Triune God. But we recognize that we are worshipping in very different circumstances. So please feel free to adapt this liturgy and use the pieces that work for your home worship.

Church of the Servant CRC

Easter Sunday

April 12, 2020