Here is what to expect as we journey to the Cross at Church of the Servant 2020

Palm Sunday:

We invite you to Participate in Zoom worship 10 am (link coming soon)
Alternatively, download liturgy from the church home resources website and watch the video meditation by Pastor Karen followed by discussion questions

Holy Week:

Monday-Wednesday 7 pm – participate in Lectio Divina
on the COS Facebook group
Thursday watch midweek meditation on the Vimeo website
Friday follow the stations of the cross liturgy.
Alternatively, learn about and listen to the St John Passion

Easter Sunday:

7 am Easter Vigil
Livestream in the COS Facebook group with Pastor Karen
10 am Easter zoom worship
12 noon opportunity to upload your own Easter Testimony videos to the COS Facebook group

Easter Flowers:
We know this Easter will be different as we worship spiritually together and yet physically apart.  To reflect this historical moment, we wanted to create a memory that we could have in our COS building. Normally on an Easter Sunday, we all look forward to seeing families bring all kinds of flowers to the communion table.  This year we will not be able to see this colorful display.  However, we do want to encourage you to think about how you may join in creating a work of art.

We are asking every person or family unit who worships with us on Easter Sunday to spend a few moments drawing your own wild Easter flower – you can draw a well-known flower or you could design your own!  Do not worry about being a good artist but see what materials you can use in your home to create a flower. 

We then want to collect these single flowers and put them together into a larger congregational collage that will be designed by Carol Roeda.

Our hope that is against a black back drop these wild, vibrant flowers communicate resurrection life and the possibility of what God can bring out of empty, dark spaces.

When you have finished the flowers please deposit them in the Easter Flower Collage box which is at the front door of the COS building.

We look forward to the day when we can see the finished display and celebrate that even though we were apart this Easter, we worshipped together!