The Guitarchestra led worship on Sunday, and as always they were slammin’. There’s just something exciting about walking into church and seeing 10 guitarists, a bass, a drummer and an accordion player. One of the things that’s most exciting to me about Gstra is that it helps us understand that liturgy isn’t a particular style of worship, but a “work of the people” that can be led in a number of different styles. Our service Sunday followed the same basic shape that we follow each Sunday, we just did it in a more folksy style. For example, we still did our usual confession/assurance, but we did it rolled into the Reuben Morgan song “What the Lord Has Done in Me.” But enough babbling. On to the music! Below are a few selections from Sunday’s service. Not the greatest recordings, but they give you an idea of the Guitarchestra’s mojo.

Be Not Afraid (Bruce Benedict)

What the Lord Has Done in Me/Confession (Reuben Morgan)

Santo (Guatemala)

Holy Spirit, Guide Me (Rory Noland)