“Highlights?” You say. “When the Guitarchestra plays, it’s *all* highlights!” This, of course, is true. Nonetheless, I felt it my duty to pare it back to a few selections that best represent the Gstra mojo:

Psalm 133: How Very Good

You want multicultural? How about a mix of Caucasians and Koreans playing Black Gospel on guitars?

Marty Haugen’s Tree of Life communion liturgy

You want historic and modern? How about liturgical chant accompanied by accordion?

우리 보좌앞에 모였네 / At the Throne of Our God in Heaven

(featuring James Ju and Paul Han)

You want global and local? How about a Korean praise song based on Revelation and translated into English right here in G.R.usalem? (And how about the kid in the recording who didn’t get the memo about every tear being wiped away and no more crying?)