Generation to Generation Capital Campaign

One generation commends
your works to another;
they tell of your mighty acts.
—Psalm 145:4

Campaign exceeds $1.3 million

The Generation to Generation (Gen2Gen) capital campaign was launched in 2013 as a three-year, $1.8 million project to provide relief for our annual budget and pave the way for expanded ministry. The campaign had two main goals:

  • To reduce our $1.57 million mortgage debt
  • To fund an earth-friendly heating and cooling system to replace the failing system in our original building

By March 2014 the campaign had netted more than $1.34 million in gifts and pledges, and the church council voted to move forward with both campaign initiatives, confident that we can eventually fully fund our debt reduction goal.

This campaign came at the start of an exciting new leg of our journey together at Church of the Servant. Not only did we celebrate our 40th anniversary as a congregation in 2013, but we also saw the beginning of a transition in which our first generation of faithful servants was passing the baton to a new generation.

In December 2014, we used campaign funds to make a $625,000 payment on our mortgage debt. As additional pledge payments come in, we will make further payments against the debt.

The original plan to install a geothermal heating and cooling system suffered a setback in the summer of 2014 when we received a string of five contractors’ bids that were approximately 50% higher than the estimate our hired engineering consultants had given. The new price tag made the geothermal project impractical, so the church council and the HVAC team spent several months researching other ways to meet our heating and cooling needs while honoring the creation care goals of the congregation and the campaign.

At its April 2015 meeting, the council approved a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) plan with two components:

  • Install three high-efficiency rooftop HVAC units to serve the original building (worship space, nursery wing, offices, and kitchen). We expect to see a 15% to 20% reduction in energy usage with these units as compared to the old units.
  • Install a set of ground-mounted solar panels that will be connected to the electrical grid. This initial setup will include 80 solar panels rated to generate 20 kilowatts of power per year. This is equivalent to the amount of energy COS uses during a typical week, not including Sundays and Wednesday church nights. The eventual goal is to have a solar array that would generate 50 kilowatts of energy; the HVAC team opted to start with a 20 kilowatt system and assess its performance before investing in a larger array. The infrastructure for a larger system will be installed up front. The solar energy our panels generate will feed into the Consumers Energy grid, and COS will receive energy rebates in exchange.

Campaign background information

1. Congregational Communiques:

2. Pledge Form: Gen2Gen Pledge Form

About the Generation to Generation theme

“Generation to Generation” underscores the campaign’s goal to put Church of the Servant’s next generation in a strong position to carry on the church’s mission.

Make an online donation to the Gen2Gen campaign via the Giving page.

Note: When this video was made, the campaign was focused on geothermal energy. For reasons outlined above, the plan has shifted to solar energy and high-efficiency conventional HVAC.


Lori Wiersma, Minister of Administration
Tom McWhertor, Generation to Generation campaign committee chair
Mark Muyskens, HVAC team representative on Generation to Generation campaign committee