Your Pledges for 2023

In celebration of our congregation’s 50th anniversary, COS leadership has chosen “Jubilee” as a guiding theme. When we support Church of the Servant’s mission with our time, treasure and talent we are responding to God’s invitation to be a community “rooted in Christ, nurtured by the Spirit, to grow in God’s grace.”

The Stewardship team is inviting each of us to make a pledge of our finances as we live out our commitment to “share gifts of refuge, fellowship, and hope.” Both in our year-end giving, and in the pledges for the 2023 General Fund that we make in December, we are showing ourselves to be people of Jubilee.

Why Do We Pledge?

We pledge because we are grateful for God’s blessings and as a joyful sign of our faith and trust in God • We pledge as a way of keeping ourselves on track, to hold true to our intentions.

How Do We Pledge?

We pledge by completing the printed form (linked here and below; printed copies available at Church of the Servant) and returning it to the church office or by placing it in the offering plate.

You may submit your pledge online, using the form linked here.

Quick Links:

Please visit our page: Ways to Give to COS for more information on how you can give to Church of the Servant.

Whether large or small, your pledge is important. Details about the General Fund are found below.

Please make your commitment before the end of the year. If you have questions, contact a member of the Stewardship Committee: Andrew Zwart, Chuck Hampton, Carol Rienstra, Joan Huyser-Honig, Michael Zahrt.

Total 2022-23 budget


Personnel (Staff and Benefits)

$ 744,961 (51.5%)

Christian School Tuition Assistance

$ 205,000 (14.2%)

Facilities *

$ 164,790 (11.4%)

Ministry Expenses **

$ 121,550 (8.4%)

CRCNA Denominational Ministry Shares ***

$ 100,000 (6.9%)

Administration and Office

$ 54,369 (3.8%)


$ 36,72(2.5%)

Classis GR East Ministry Shares

$ 19,228 (1.3%)

*this does NOT include the purchase and maintenance of the 3825 Burton St. transitional house.

** includes Congregational Life, Worship and Faith Formation $51,010, Deacon’s Local Ministries $34,747, and Global Ministries $24,247 (Faith Promise Pledge adds $36,371 to that budgeted amount, totaling $65,622 for missionaries.)

*** these Ministry Shares support CRCNA Congregational Ministries (27.6%), ReFrame (formerly Back to God Hour) Ministries (10.5%), Calvin University (13.6%), Calvin Theological Seminary (9.2%), Resonate Global Mission (25.5%), and Synodical Administrative Services (13.6%). See

The Stewardship Team has set a goal of raising 70% of the 2023 budget in pledges during the month of December. As we move toward this goal we will share updates with the congregation and encourage everyone to make a commitment that takes into consideration the rising costs of living and doing ministry.

Last December, 141 households pledged $778,679, (average pledge $5,522) which was 54.50% of the 2022 budget.

For the 2021 budget, 185 households pledged $888,378 (average pledge $4,802) which was 65.60% of the budget.

For the 2020 budget, 162 households pledged $851,874 (average pledge $5,258) which was 59.60% of the budget.

Prayerfully consider your pledge toward the $1,000,000 mark. Join us as we jubilantly praise our “God who meets all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19