How can we pledge for 2020?

Over the past several weeks, the stewardship team has helped us think about what is in our houses, and how we can share God’s light with those assets. Together we have reflected on the multiple ministries we value, and how we can support them.

We will distribute pledge forms on December 1, and you may return them from December 8 (our preference) until the end of the year. Or use the onine form linked below at any time. 

How much do we pledge?

Each household’s or individual’s pledge is their own decision. Last year 205 persons or households pledged an average of $4,546 for the year. Those pledges ranged from $10 to more than $10,000. And the average was an increase of about $300 over the previous year, and $700 more than two years before.

The stewardship team hopes for continuing good news this year, both in the number of households and individuals pledging and in deeper commitments to the mission of COS. Thank you for taking some time this month for deep, prayerful consideration of what God has given you to make our community shine even brighter in our place.

The Stewardship Team: Chuck Mast, Rich van Houten, Cheryl Van Til, Marji Voetberg and Mike Zahrt

Light is Visible

As children of God we are, right here and right now in the square inch in which we have been placed, LIGHT in the world (Matthew 5:16). Jesus calls each of us to make our own LIGHT VISIBLE in the darkness of this world. Giving of the resources God has entrusted to your care is a way to push back the darkness, fear and doubt and make visible the faith you have in God’s provision for your daily bread. When we walk up to that offering bowl we make the LIGHT that is in us VISIBLE.

Light is Attractive

Have you ever noticed the way that the LIGHT of a campfire attracts people to it? We are drawn to the warmth and the beauty of the flame. While Jesus walked this earth people were drawn to him as THE light of the world (John 8:12). As individuals and as a body of LIGHT bearers at COS our LIGHT can and should draw others toward it. Our individual resources become collective resources, a larger flame, a greater warmth, a LIGHT to ATTRACT.

Light Shines Out

As you turn your flashlight upward the LIGHT shifts from illuminating the ground right beneath your feet to shining out ahead of you. Now the LIGHT not only keeps you from stumbling, but helps your fellow travelers see. At COS we want to tip our LIGHT far forward to SHINE OUT into our city. Then we not only minister to each other, but to all those that can be reached by beams of our LIGHT. As many of us grew up singing, “Hide it under a bushel, NO, I’m (we’re) going to let it SHINE.”