COS seeks to support families who have chosen Christian Education for their K-12 grade children through tuition assistance when a financial need exists. These funds are allocated out of the church budget and are, therefore, limited in nature. All families who have chosen Christian Education and feel they have a financial need are welcome to apply.

  1. Submit your name on the form at the bottom of this page. This helps the team prepare for applications and keep track of the process. Please do so by Feb 1.

  2. Review Policies

  3.  GRCS families need to follow COS timeline and COS FACTS link and disregard the Feb. 1 GRCS variable tuition application deadline and link.

  4. Applicants will use their 2020 tax information for the FACTS app. They will submit their 2020 tax papers to FACTS. Applicants will use their 2021 financial information for all other questions on the FACTS application. 

  5. If you are Calvin University employee and receive financial assistance from the college, please submit the amount you received last year if you do not have the new 2022/2023 amount by March 1. Adjustments can be made on FACTS when the final number comes in.

  6. Complete FACTS application online at There is a $40 fee that must be paid at the time of application.

  7. Submit/send your tax forms to FACTS.

  8. Attend the Mandatory meeting on March 23 between 6-9 pm at COS.

  9. Submit your enrollment form to the local school after receiving your assistance letter from COS. *You will not be assessed a fee by your local school for late enrollment.

Important Dates:

  1. Fill in the form below by February 1
  2. FACTS app and documentation submitted by March 1
  3. Mandatory face to face meeting on March 23 between 6-9 PM


How is the assistance amount calculated?

The COS Christian Education Committee will be evaluating your assistance needs through a percentage base using your AGI (Annual Gross Income). The maximum amount you could receive is described below.

We will calculate your need based on a family commitment of 9% of your AGI for your first child, 11% for two children and 13% for three or more children enrolled.

We will then compare your AGI evaluation to the recommended FACTs number (offering 68% of the calculated FACTS need) and grant the higher of the two levels of monetary support to each family.

Due to the limited church budget and an increasing number of families, this maximum assistance amount will be adjusted down proportionally to fit within the church budget.

What if our employer or family provides assistance for tuition?

Record the amount of assistance you are expecting when asked “tuition support anticipated” in item #12 on the FACTS application.

How do we make sure that COS can see our application?

Put COS as your child’s school as well as the local school they will attend. In other words, put COS as your child’s first school and then the local school as the 2nd if applicable.

What if we have additional circumstances that aren’t asked about on the application?

Please use the “Additional Information” section on the application to comment on this as well as tell the committee members about your circumstances during the face to face meeting at COS.

When will I know my assistance amount?

You will receive a tentative assistance amount at the face to face meeting. Lord willing, you will receive a letter within three weeks of the meeting with your final assistance amount. You will not be assessed a late fee from your school if you are waiting for the COS grant amount.

What if I have a child in preschool?

COS does not provide assistance for preschool tuition directly. However, you can record the cost of preschool tuition in #2 when you list your children and their schools. The tuition amount will be taken into account in the financial analysis, but will not be assisted directly.

What if I have questions about how to fill out the FACTS application?

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.

Christian Education Tuition Assistance Committee Members:

Jennifer VanDyke

Dave VanDyke

John Sebestyen

Brian and Amy Hackert